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Exporting raw collected data

  • I'm using SNMP to monitor a particular OID (the signal strength of a cellular card) and I'd like to be able to export the raw values (and time/date stamp) so I can do some reporting at a later time. Is there a good way to extract the data needed? The only method I see so far is a web-based report, which means I'd have to scrape the webpage to get the data out. 

    On a related note, I have a device that provides NMEA GPS strings on a telnet port. It'd be nice to be able to periodically (once a minute?) connect and extract the latitude/longitude (along with a few other data points). Would I be able to create a LUA script to connect, collect, disconnect, and then parse the data? Basically I want to collect signal strength from 2 devices, and the current location, so that I can go back and map out the signal strength at a later time using some other tools (like Splunk). But I need to be able to pull the raw data out of KNM. 

  • We are preparing the documentation for the latest feature to make it into KNM and that is the ODBC provider.

    This makes it possible for KNM to expose its data as "tables" trough a normal ODBC provider, so you can query data with any ODBC client just like against a normal database.

    To start will will expose a number of different tables that will contain information about devices, monitors, statistical data and toplist data, stay tuned!

  • That sounds awesome... even better than exporting data... actually being to look at live data!

    Now I just need to figure out how to extract some data from telnet... does anyone have a working example? It seems the documentation sample script doesn't accept data from more than one line.