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KNM not displaying any data

  • We've recently installed Kaseya Network Monitor 5 with the latest build. It's just doing the local discovery of the network where the server is. I haven't even attempted to deploy the local gateway yet. However, it's not displaying any data. All the endpoints and checks are green with a check mark but if I drill down into the alert, it displays nothing on the graph like it's not doing anything. I cannot figure out how to get this running. Any help would be appreicated. I have opened the port in the firewall that I need but this is just local traffic at this point where it is not working.




  • Hi,

    Local gateway is always enabled on the standalone edition of KNM 5. What happens though is that it will run a network discovery, and all devices that it finds are put in a special group called "Discovery group". While devices are in this group, they will not be tested. To have them tested, you need to move them outside this group. For testing, or if you just don't know yet how to build your structure, you can move the devices right under "Local gateway".

  • Tom,

    Thank you so much, that definitely did the trick.