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Auto login does not work

  • Hi,

    Created new user "view". Gave this user "Auto login" permission. Granted access to all of the dashboards. And when I try to use a link - /autologin.xsi?user=view&page=3 I simply get blank page. What am I missing?

  • It's been fixed for the next release. We are currently doing testing for this release, and it will be released as soon as the tests show it's ready. There are many other fixes than that also.

  • I would love to install a product that actually works as indicated in the user manual instead of having to troubleshoot it, find out the target file does not exist, and ultimately make it to this group to hear that you know it is broke.  How will we, the users of the product, know when the update will be available?  

  • Every 8 hour, KNM checks if there's a new build available. You can force this check by typing "version -check" in the System administrator console that you find in the K menu. KNM will then notify you if there's a version available in the botton right corner as the picture shows. If you click on that link, or select "Check for new version", you will see a page looking like in the screenshot below with links to both the installer and the release notes. Unfortunately, the new version I promised in my previous response has been postponed. You will get notified in the KNM interface when it is available.

  • Ok,

    What can you suggest if servers do not have an internet??? Maybe its about a time to make normal download section for various builds of KNM in lets say customer portal? There was such thing at INM times.

  • If you do not have internet (not even over proxy ?) you can manually check the following URL


  • It has been a week.  The NOC Autologin URL is non-existent/broke.  I am running the newest version. It is still broke...

  • > The NOC Autologin URL is non-existent/broke.  

    There are no dedicated NOC screens in v5, they are replaced by Widgets.

  • Thank you for chiming in without knowing what the issue is.  The AUTOLOGIN DOES NOT WORK.  I use it for our NOC where we have a nice 60" LED mounted on the wall for our people to see.   It worked in 4.1.  The instructions for it EXIST in v5.  But you released v5 knowing that it was BROKE.  Perhaps you could FIX IT?

  • We have fixed an issue connected to auto login, but there is several other fixes in the pipe and thats why it takes time to get a new patch out.

    But the NOC screens from v4 is replaced by a dashboard widget, so it does not matter if auto login starts working, you wont be able to use the old link.

    if they are in the documentation, the documentation is wrong and should be corrected, I will look into that.

  • It's in the documentation

  • Sent to documentation guy, thanks!

  • RA, thank you for this URL. As I can see, we have version number in this URL. And I suspect that this URL will change in the future. Is there any more universal way without asking you for the links from time to time? Can we expect some kind of download page with ALL current and previous versions available for download? Maybe in customer portal?

  • I cant answer that question, start a ticket so it can be routed to a person that can and is allowed to answer it.