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Distibuted Gateway to monitor two firewalled subnets

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We have engaged with a client who has asked us to monitor two seperate networks that are connected but have firewalls between them.  What are our options to utilize a single knm distributed gateway to monitor both networks?  Will this require two seperate gateways?  Can we put a second nic into the gateway machine and attach it to the second network and monitor the devices via that second nic?


I have asked the client IT staff to clarify whether these are simply vlanned subnets that routing can be established for or if these are truly two firewall seperated networks.



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  • Stuart,

    Bind the gateway server to a IP that can be reached from both of the two networks and place a gateway in each.

    More info on the subject here:


  • I've the same environment and I have no problem with this configuration, with only one server gateway.

    Obviously you need the correct gateway defined in the IP configuration and the correct ports open in the firewall policy between the two lan.