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I am writing a LUA script to use the XML API from a HP MSA SAN but cannot seem to work out the HTTP Headers, to use the XML API you need to parse a header called sessionKey I have tried several ways if I can get this working I will finalize the script and publish it to the community. Unless someone here has managed to get LUA working with SSH/Telnet I tried setting bugging in init.cfg with no luck ran it through the IDE it just returned foreign characters.. I have included both scripts below: This is running on KNM 4.1 I would use the built in monitor but SNMP is very limited on the MSA






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  • Hi,

    I don't know if the MSA XML API is similar to the iLO XML API, but we've had an issue with parsing the result on iLO3. Same code that would happily parse the result from iLO2. Do you know if HP MSA has a CIMOM? We will shortly release a new build of KNM that will have a general CIM monitor that can monitor any CIM-enabled device.


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  • Slap me for resurrecting a very old topic, but just to help out the next guy struggling with this.  I ran across this topic when fighting a similar battle myself (In fact it was for an HP MSA unit).  The main issue that I found with the code posted in pastebin above is that the header format he was trying to pass was incorrect.   He was doing the headers as "headerName=value"  Where-as the actual format Needed is "headerName: value"