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Is it possible to monitor bandwidth usage per port on a switch using KNM?

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We are using a 3com switch and would like to monitor data/bandwidth usage per port on a switch, right now it only shows total bandwidth usage for the switch.

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  • Hi,

    What 3Com model is the switch? You should be able to setup SNMP monitoring for any port using the RFC mibs even, shouldn't need any special 3Com mibs for that. Have you tried the mib browser in KNM to see what values are available?


  • I thought that might be the case as this is a feature most administrators would look for in a monitoring software,it  would have been great if KNM did this by default as I'm new to both KNM and SNMP.

    it's a 3com  2924-sfp plus 24 port managed switch.

  • Hi,

    If the settings for the object are correct, all available ports will be added as Preconfigured monitors (bandwidth and bandwidth utilization).

    Have you set the correct SNMP community for the object in KNM and on the switch? Should be "public" by default but also make sure SNMP is enabled. Check at Administration > SNMP > Communities on the switch.

    When creating the object in KNM, set the IP address for the switch, the operating system to "Others" and "Generic/Unkown". Set the SNMP community to "public" (or other community you setup on the switch). After creating the object, wait a minute or two and then add a new monitor. That should have given enough time for the preconfigured monitors to be populated.

    If this doesn't work for some reason, try doing a discovery at Tools > Network discovery. Click on "Start new" and fill in the subnet (ie. 192.168.1) and as "Range start" and "Range end", choose the last octet of the IP addess for the switch. Set the SNMP community and click "Start". Shouldn't take much time for KNM to scan that one address you added for the discovery.