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switch monitoring

  • Hello,

    Are there people monitoring switches with KNM?

    And how did you configured it. Wanna create sets for monitoring linkstatus  etc.


  • bandwidth_arrow.PNG

    You got a couple of options here.

    Bandwidth monitor

    You can use the Bandwidth monitor to monitor total bandwidth of the interface, if you point the parent object to the switch main IP , the bandwidth monitor will enumerate all ports automatically, so you can select the interface in a dropdown list.

    Later on when you got the monitors setup you can create a new dashboard map with connections. Then you will see how much traffic is going between the ports on the switch (see attached image)

    SNMP monitor

    If you want to split in and out octets you can create an SNMP monitor for each OID.

    you find the ifInOctet/ifOutOctet OID's under this branch in the MIB browser

    iso (1) . org (3) . dod (6) . internet (1) . mgmt (2) . mib-2 (1) . interfaces (2)

    When you selected the OID you need to preform a calulation on the sampled OID to turn it into something useful, enter the following in the calculation text box:

    (OID1 * 8) / 1024

    That will turn the value into Kpbs , since the ifIn/OutOctets is counters, KNM will do the time delta calculation for you.


    Things to keep in mind for both monitors:

    1. Have the Microsoft SNMP service installed on both the gateway and the Server host machine
    2. Make sure you got the correct SNMP community (set in the object property page)


  • yea i understand. But i mean when a link goes down then i have to get an alarm.

  • link_status.PNG

    The bandwidth monitor can do this if you check the "Check Link Status" checkbox (see image).

    The link status is taken from:



  • ok so when a link goes down the we will get an alarm?

  • Yes

  • thats weird .. i checked the linkstatus and im very sure the link is down.


    but no alarm

  • oper_status.PNG

    Open the mib browser (under the Tools->SNMP / Syslog menu)

    Enter the IP/host name of the Switch in the host field.

    Expand the MIB tree to this branch:


    Does it report any value (like in attached picture, 1 = up, 2 = down, 3 = testing) for your switch ?

  • this is what i got:

    The current operational state of the interface. The testing(3) state indicates that no operational packets can be passed.

  • By looking at the picture it looks like the switch do not report operation status at all. it can also be the wrong community and/or port. Does it report any other value if you click for instance ifOutOctets ?

    Have the gateway the Microsoft SNMP service installed ?

  • Well i was looking at that too. I saw the following.



    I even saw that distributed edition was gone (at the arrow)

    After registering the license again it was back. But i noticed this several times a day.

  • Thats not right, sounds like KNM is restarting, do you have any crash dumps in the KNM folder (named knm_crashdump_BXXXX.dmp , where XXXX = build number) ?

  • yes i have


  • Open a ticket and attach the most recent of them.

  • Ditributed problem solved. Reinstall did the trick