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Kaseya vs many other network monitors

  • There are so many network monitors out there that have a much larger user base and history. It doesn't seem like this is a top priority of Kaseya's so I'm hesitant to jump on board with it.  What short comings would I face with going with a different option?  I'm looking for basic ping, bandwidth and uptime data of my network devices that don't have a Kaseya agent installed on them.


  • I can assure you that Kaseya is definitely determined to provide as good network monitoring solutions as possible. Have you tried KNM? We are working hard on releasing the VSA integrated version for KNM, which totally integrates with your existing VSA implementation. If you are interested in becoming a test pilot for the integrated version, please contact Scott Brackett (firstname.lastname@kaseya.com) to start testing.

  • phlight, you may like it you may not.  I find it has it's strong points and it's weaknesses.  I would like it more if KNM did everything Centreon did.