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KNM is not detecting the Port name/number on the switch

  • 1.I have setup KNM to monitor a 3com switch, it has detected all the 24 ports on it but comes up with just "Bandwidth (Ethernet Interface)" as the name for all the Interfaces, how do I get it to display the Port number?

    2.Can KNM do port mapping?

  • Hi,

    1. Currently, KNM will only create a bandwidth monitor for the total bandwidth use, not per port. If you want to add per port, you will have to do that manually by adding SNMP monitors. It's on our list for future features to add those monitors per default when you discover a switch.

    2. Could you elaborate a bit? I'm not sure what you mean with port mapping in this case.

    Tomas Andersson

    Quality Assurance Engineer