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Invoicing in Service Billing

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Hi, I'am having a bit of trouble learning how to invoice from service desk>service billing>Quickbooks.

All the correct settings have been made in the service desk and time billing as far as i'am aware. I have got to the point where there are tickets pending to be invoiced, i have approved them and click "Process invoices". It then tells me the invoice is processing and to view the past periods screen, but when i do so it says 1 of 1 invoices completed but not emailed and shows an error.

Is anyone else having this issue at all? I'am basically having troubles getting my head around the whole service billing "workflow" if anyone has a set workflow that they use and could share with me i woudl greatly appreciate it?

Also, does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to modify the Kaseya invoice template so that it has your own customised logo?

Thanks in advance for any responses/feedback  :)

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  • I realize this was months ago, but for what it is worth, did you check that the organization has an associated email address in the general settings? Is your outbound email in Kaseya in general working corectly?

    Workflow is a bit confusing, but I eventually found that I was over thinking everything. Simpler is better: you don't need to use every piece of SB if there isn't a reason.

    The logo is taken from the logo setup in the general Kaseya system settings under customization.