I'm trying to move us over to Service Billing for HW/SW sales, special project labor billing and recurring service billing -- in that order.  I'm looking at HW/SW sales now, and my work flow is breaking down at the work order level. I hope someone can help. Here's how it goes:

  1. Sales creates a Sales Order, adds the parts, generates a quote, sends it to the customer for approval.
  2. When approved, sales changes the Sales Order status to "Active"
  3. A work order is created for the parts
  4. Fulfillment goes into each item and "submits", orders the parts from the vendor changes the work order to "closed".
  5. Accounting goes into pending items, and processes the invoices.

This falls down between steps 3 and 4. I haven't been able to figure out a good way to see all of the "pending" work orders -- so that fulfillment knows what quotes have been approved but not filled. Is there a way to filter a work order view by status? I can see the icon changes when the status changes, but they are too similar to sort through and it can't be filtered on. Is my workflow incorrect or something that was not thought of?

This seems like such a minor item, but it is holding up my implementation of Service Billing. Any insight or suggestions at all are appreciated.