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Can we bill Software License to clients?

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Can we bill Software License to clients? If yes, How?

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  • Sure you can bill a software license to your client, hell you can try to bill anything.

    Of course my answer is as generic as yours cause I have no idea what software you are asking about, and why you are asking. But hey, if my answer works for you then all is good!

  • Agreed, this is a very generic question, but I'm going to take a wild stab and say that you want to bill your clients for the number of license of [Software Title] on their machines. If that's what you're after, I'd take a look at creating a view that only lists machines with that software title on it. Then create a billing set for recurring items from that view. The mechanics should be pretty simple. You'll need to make sure your audits are up to date and regularly scheduled, and you'll need to make sure that you promptly remove old agents from your kserver to avoid overbilling.

  • Yes, exactly. on what sub module will I create this view you are referring,together with the software licences installed in their machine?

  • and also, can we Integrate Service Desk to the Service Billing? Like for example,  a subsiadiary company requested for adobe photoshop to be installed in 50 machines using the service desk. afterwards, this request shall go into the parent company who shall approve to buy licenses or not. Then, if its approved it will fall into service billing where it will process a bill to the subsiadiary company who ordered the licences so they can be provided with invoices.

    i hope this scenario's not that confusing. :) thanks!

  • Views can be created just about anywhere except Service Desk... for instance just the "agent tab". Check out help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm for info on views.

    You can "integrate" SD and SB in a way that you can bill directly from the time entered on Service Desk tickets. There are a few ways to do this. What you can't do is turn a ticket into a quote. I'm not sure which you are after.

  • so, you're saying that we can tell the tickets time entry on SD from the bill of SB? Am I getting that right?  How can I do that?

    I'm after a process flow where a request on Service Desk, if approved and installed  (e.g requested a genuine adobe photoshop license) can be billable and eventually can be provided an invoice. I'm asking if this is possible.


  • If yes, how to configure?  :)

  • There are a few manual steps that need to happen, but yes you can do this or at least something similar.

    1. A ticket is created

    2. A "Service Billing Admin" role user creates a Work Order (or sales Order first if you want a quote) with labor entries and in this case a software entry.

    3. Technicians choose the work order that was created in the ticket, choose an activity type, enter time.

    4. When the project is complete you approve and process the Work Order

    5. You get an invoice with the software item and the labor actuals.

    In this scenario you can't use the "billing set" to automatically count software licenses -- recurring items are handled differently.

  • thanks scott! I have a follow up question regarding this, do you have any recommendations of a particular service desk flow that is integrated with service billing?

  • I don't think it really matters. The one we use is significantly customized.