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I have just set up out SD and installed SB with Quick Books integration (a copy of our company files for testing).

I do not understand how some of the flow should work.

If I have a ticket in Service Desk with time on it that needs to be billed how do I get it into SB?

Also is it possible to bill out different rates, say for Tier1 and Tier2 support?

I have not tried pushing anything into QB yet. 



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  • Hi Linus,

    When you edit the ticket details go into the notes tab and make sure the check mark is in the box for billable.

  • I did that.  When I go into Service Billing I can see the tickets under the customer but no way to generate an invoice from them.  Do I need to make a new work order in SB and them manually copy the time into it?

  • Hi Linus,

    There are a few things you can check. They are as follows:

    In Service Desk:

    1. Make sure you have the 'Enable Service Billing Integration' selected. You can find this under Service Desk - Desk Definition - Edit Desk. You will find a checkbox for this option.

    In Time Tracking:

    1. Make sure you are submitting your time to Service Billing. You can find this under Time Tracking - Configure - Settings - Billing section. There is a checkbox to 'Submit Time Entry Data to Service Billing'.

    2. Check your Timesheet Approvals. If you use Timesheet Approvals, time is only submitted to billing when the period is closed.

    Also, if time is submitted successfully to Service Billing, you will see entries in Pending Items. If you submit the time via tickets in Service Desk, then you should see the tickets below the customer as well as Pending Items.

    Hope this helps...


  • Scott, or anyone..

    When the techs are responsible for updating his tickets and then going into time tracking to then say I've worked XX hours on this service ticket. Why does this need to even happen. Why not have service desk responsible for keeping time tracking? It seems like everything is scattered around causing more work here.

    Does anyone agree?

    I suppose this would be applicable in Time Tracking forum. But my question is like the one above. How does a service desk ticket get put into the invoicing section of service billing?

    How do other people do this? Are all your techs responsible for updating service desk tickets and then responsible for time tracking?

    And then responsible for going into Service Billing and processing the invoice?

  • @johnathan

    Techs can enter their time when they are updating the ticket (i.e. there is no need separately visit the Time Tracking system to enter ticket-based time).  Time entered on tickets will flow through Time Tracking to Service Billing.  You must enable the integration between Service Desk and Service billing in order to see this behavior.  See Scott's post to this thread (above) for details.

    There is no need for the Tech to enter time directly into Time Tracking, unless you want them to enter non-ticket-based time (meetings, vacation, etc.).  Time Tracking can also be used if you want time to be approved by a superviser/manager before the time flows through to Service Billing.  The online help has details on how to configure these options.

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