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After Update to R9.5, Pasting No Longer Working in Command Prompt

  • After upgrading to VSA 9.5, I can no longer paste into the Command Prompt in KLC. Is this just a bug for me, or is this a new feature.


  • Must be environmental as I'm not able to reproduce this. Please submit a Support ticket and feel free to post a ticket # here. Thanks.

    Edit: I tested further with various Live Connect versions and it does appear to be broken. Thanks for reporting this. We'll take care of it from our end.

    Further testing.
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  • You can paste using alternative shortcuts like SHIFT + INS and CTRL + SHIFT + V in the mean time while we work on the CTRL + V issue.

  • Is there any ETA when these bugs with the "New" live connect command prompt will be resolved?  Recalling history, copy/paste, arrowing to correct/change commands etc.  

    We would like to stop using Chrome version 43 as soon as possible.

  • Shoot me an e-mail (jeffrey.odolski@kaseya.com) and let's talk. We'll sort through these issues that may or may not have been reported.

  • I was able to resolve the issue without contacting support.

    1) Uninstall KLC

    2) Reboot

    3) Delete the LiveConnect folders from \appdata\local and \appdata\roaming

    4) Install KLC

    After completing the above steps, I am now able to copy and paste into the KLC Command Prompt again.

    EDIT: I was wrong. I accidentally installed KLC 9.4. I installed 9.5 again and confirmed: this is definitely still broken.

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  • I, like Chris, would like to have the "Up arrow" functionality brought back that we lost when Kaseya deprecated Classic KLC. If there is one common gripe that our techs have, it's that they lost that functionality.

  • Matts note about uninstalling KLC and deleting from appdata and reinstalling has helped me fix issues in the past, including where things would randomly not work for certain techs but would for others.  Probably a good go-to as a first try if something is amiss.

    Thanks for coming back and posting how you got it working!

  • I was wrong. I accidentally installed KLC 9.4 the second time. I installed 9.5 again and confirmed: this is definitely still broken.

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  • Great suggestion, . Gave a thumbs up. However, be careful removing the %appdata%\Kaseya directory as some of us may have specific video settings for compatibility reasons. These should not be affecting copy/paste functionality.

    We will still continue investigating this as you shouldn't have to clear out cached files. The installer should take care of that for you.

  • Is there any resolve for this?

  • Just tested on the latest version. No, it isn't fixed.

  • Just a quick note for those asking about the up arrow command history.  For at least relatively recent machines, the liveconnect 9.5 *does* bring that back if you use Powershell instead of command prompt.  I've yet to find anything that you can do in a command prompt window that you can't do in Powershell, so that may be a solution unless you are having to work with some really outdated machines.

    Commandline expansion (the tab key) even works in powershell in live connect !;

  • Nice that part of it works. I would also like the copy and psate function back please.

  • April 2019.  Command prompt still broken.  Ctrl+v still broken.

    Issues known for over a year and yet still have to google around to find workarounds?