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Chrome Live Connect Plugin?

  • 7.0 is out and in use, but there has been no change for the need of Live Connect. Sure, the Remote Control software now handles the remote access feature, but all computer info is still accessed with the Live Connect plugin which we have to keep Chrome in developer mode to use.

    Will Kaseya be updating that LC plugin so it can be loaded direct from Google?

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    The longterm goal is to slowly phase out Live Connect and port its features to Kaseya Remote Control.  You will start seeing this in the R9/Jan2015 release timeframe.  Since Kaseya Remote Control is a local application, we will not be maintaining the plugin requirements that currently existing in Live Connect.  And to be specific this also means that we will not be adding the plugins to the Chrome Store as all of our development efforts, in this area, are focused on the Kaseya Remote Control app.  

    Keep an eye on the Roadmap for the latest information: community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx

    I hope you find this information helpful.  

  • Hey Chad.

    No offence, but we're using Kaseya in the short term. So how does Kaseya expect us to work?

    You can't access Terminal in MAC through live connect properly in Internet Explorer and you can't access Live Connect period in Chrome.

    I would think Kaseya should be taking this a LOT more seriously than they are. We need a working solution. It's embarrassing.

  • - I apologize for your frustration and understand your need to work with Chrome and KLC in the short term.  Here is a manual workaround you can use to accomplish this. helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../71391863-KLC-browser-plug-in-support-with-Google-Chrome

  • That work around does work as stated in previous threads. Those threads were started back in May. Yes it is a workaround, but it is a pain to have to cancel the developer warning every time I start my browser.

  • I've changed to Firefox just to use the VSA to get around these annoying issues. Though I still find KLC lovely to crash regularly.

  • 1) download Chrome group policy templates here: dl.google.com/.../policy_templates.zip

    2. extract the zip file

    3. now in the zip file go to windows>admx scroll all the way down. Copy chrome.admx to c:\windows\poilcy defintions

    then copy from the zip file windows\en-us\chrome.adml to C:\poilcy definitions\en-us

    4) In Chrome, go to Settings -> Extensions

    5) Check the Developer Mode checkbox at the top

    6) Scroll down the list of disabled extensions and note the ID's of the extensions you want to enable.  LogMeIn, for example, is ID: nmgnihglilniboicepgjclfiageofdfj

    7) Click Start -> Run, and type gpedit.msc

    8) Expand User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Extensions

    9) Double-click to open "Configure extension installation whitelist"

    10) Select "Enabled", then click "Show..."

    11) In the list, enter all the ID's for the extensions you noted in Step 6

    12) Click OK and restart Chrome.

    I have it working on my pc perfectly with the newest version of chrome :-D

  • Chad,

    Our need is not to work with Chrome but to have a working remote product for MAC and Windows (All Versions) that does not require us to jump through hoops every time we need to connect to a client machine!

    A tool that we can see because screen resolution isn't back 25 years ago.

  • Chad - Enabling developer plugins works and I have been using that option for months. It is somewhat annoying to have to hit the cancel button everytime I open Chrome to keep it working. Also there is no mention of deprecating or removing Live Connect on the roadmap and inserting that fuctionality into the new Remote Control.

    dhernandez - Thanks for that option. I may do it on my system, but I have 3 other admins and another 10 helpdesk techs who use thin client images that I'd have to fix as well. It's not an ideal solution.

  • I had to downgrade from the Beta channel to the stable channel yesterday. I'm now on version 37.0.2062.120 m and cannot get KLC to work. I've tried the old way of drag and drop, developer mode and unpacking the extension and also tried to white-list the extension in Chrome using Group policy. Every single way I've found has failed now.

    I guess at this time, I recommend that if you have it working now, don't uninstall Chrome for any reason or you may not be able to use KLC again or you will have several hoops to jump through.


    May of 2015 - "Vision"

    • Integrated Event Viewer
    • Integrated Registry Editor

    Seriously, you deprecated a functionality that we use on an hourly basis and don't plan on the replacement being in place for a whole year? REALLY frustrating.


    After fighting with this again, I was finally able to get it working and can create a document outlining the steps for anyone that is still having issues. Either post in here or message me and I'll create and send it out.

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  • Has anyone else found that Live Connect File Manager does not work in Firefox, or is that just my set up?

  • has anyone had any luck with getting it to work on the latest Chrome, 64b version?

    The plugging is installed and I have whitelisted the app via group policy but each time I try launching a new live connect windows Kaseya wants to reinstall it on my machine.

    Frustrating for sure!

  • I have not been able to get LiveConnect working in any way with Chrome 64bit. I was able to get Java working by installing JRE 8 beta 64bit, but even with all the workaround instructions I have not been able to get LiveConnect working.

    This is pretty detrimental to my use of Kaseya. I have to choose whether I would like a faster and more secure browser, or use of a management tool that isn't being maintained by it's developer.

  • I don't think you have to leave the developer mode checked, thus no more developer notification.

  • I don't have developer mode checked, but still get the notification....because i've manually loaded the unpacked extension from a local folder and not from the Chrome store.

    I don't know of any way to avoid seeing the notification, and because it steals focus, it's REALLY annoying!!!