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RDP is disabled in Live Connect because Session Directory Services is installed

  • I get the following under live connect for some of the servers when I try and remote them via Chrome, is Kaseya no longer optimized for Chrome?

    RDP is disabled in Live Connect because Session Directory Services is installed on the agent machine. If you require a RDP connection please use Live Connect from Internet Explorer or the Remote Control tab from any supported browser....

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  • We get the same issue on Server 2012 systems.

  • Hey Guys,

    I am going to look into this with our engineering team.  I have a note into them now and will let you know what I find.


  • Update: Engineering has been doing a bit of digging on this.  Here is their discovered information thus far:

    I had a look into the our code and it appears that we explicitly support this functionality only on IE.  From this article support.microsoft.com/.../301923 I understand that only IE will support the necessary session state persistence across these kind of configurations.

    They are going to dig a bit deeper to see if this can be supported using non-IE browsers.  I will send any updates that are discovered.


  • Thanks Chad

    I will look forward to what you find out.

  • Update: Bad News

    Session Directory Services does not support third party RDP controls.  This is why IE works and other browsers do not.  RIght now there is no simple way to address this.  The browser world is continuing to change as security models become more and more strict.  My apologies for this frustration.  

    Site note: Not sure if either of you were at the user conference this year, but we did demonstrate a local App we are building to broker the remote sessions.  We are in the midst of development and testing, but I am hopeful there will be less issues when we remove the browser from the equation.

    Thanks guys for your input.


  • Thats fine at least now we know what is happening.

    It would be really cool if we could get more feed back from Kaseya in the community forums when issues like this occurs.