Hi all,

I am trying to clarify if a remote session (VNC or RDP) launched from KLC will show up in the remote control logs.

We had an incident last week where a voice server we monitor for a client experienced jitter of an on for a few days. We tracked this down to correspond with the KTVN service which relates to VNC. At the same time this happened we had a tech remote into this and other servers to hop to a non agent server with a failed RAID array.

When I run a report on the remote control logs I can see VNC sessions started from the Remote Control module of Kaseya. These do not relate to every time the tech was on the system. At other times he launched a session from KLC. When I run the Agent Procedure log report I can see all his KLC sessions but no correspond to any remote sessions in the Remote Control log. In fact there is a day where he used KLC several times and not one entry in the Remote Log.

This jitter impacted on a 3000 seat call centre so we are under an enormous amount of pressure to explain what happened. We would not normally use a VNC session on a server but RDP was failing. We know the KTVN service was running to with almost an exact match of the outage but I can't marry those times up to the Remote Control log. Only the KLC Log.

Any clarification would be helpful.