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Live Connect and Chrome

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Since the Live Connect update about two weeks Chrome and to some degree Firefox has become unreliable.  The biggest issue we are having is when we reboot a computer in Live Connect you can't connect again.  We are forced to close Chrome down clear cache and then we can reconnect to the unit.  The old Remote Control isn't having any issues and we are moving back to that to some degree.  We are seeing this is Firefox as well but not to the same degree.  We are having this issue on multiple computers, is anyone else having this issue?

We have had a ticket open for two weeks now but we have just been going around in circles with support.

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  • I'm seeing the same issue with not being able to re-establish a live connect session after rebooting an agent, using Chrome. LC eventually starts working again, but it takes a few hours, and I'm not sure exactly what the cause is or why it resolves itself. Nice to know clearing the cache fixes it.

  • @Craig Hart and @jhadik do you have a ticket on this?  I can help move this through and insure it gets attention.  Thanks.

  • I have a ticket, was reported to be a known issue after the ticket was open about 2 weeks.  The annoying thing was it took that long for someone on the Kaseya end to actually try and duplicate the problem.  Ticket is CS154471.

  • I have the exact same problem, it has been ongoing since the update to Live Connect. Would love some sort of resolution. The new viewer is great, when you can actually connect.

  • @ben_ita, can you confirm that it works properly in Firefox?  Chrome has their own java format which seems to complicate KLC at times.  I am just curious if you are having a Chrome issue or is it something different.  Thanks!

  • I can confirm this is an issue in Chrome. I came here looking to see if it was just me. Glad to see it is not. I'm pretty tired of closing and re-opening Chrome just to use LiveConnect after rebooting a machine.

  • Chad,

    It also happens in Firefox, but to a lesser extent. At least for me. I have gone back to IE for the time being.


  • Kaseya patched this today but for us at least we are still having issues.  We are getting disconnected while in a Live Connect session, the screens are not refreshing properly leaving ghost images and black spots on the screen.  We are also getting error messages popping up saying session disconnected.  So Chrome and Live Connect are still not a reliable product.  We are using Firefox as IE freezes and crashes during Live Connect sessions and we have close and reset about 10 to 15 times a day.  Firefox is having issues but it seems to be the best of a bad situation.  Always frustrating when an update that is going to make things better actually makes it much worse.

    I have reported all these problems back to the ticket this morning but no answer or reply as of now.

  • I've also been working with support a lot lately on live connect issues. Last week they just realized that i was running on a pre general release of 6.3 or that some live connect files were old (even though i upgraded well after the 6.3 general release). They had me re-run the kinstaller which re-installed 6.3 on my server.

    I just did this last friday and so far live connect seems to be little better (only been a few days so not completely sure yet). May want to have them check this on your server too.

  • All,

    Thank you for your continued update on this subject.  

    I have spoken with the engineering team and they are working on resolving the issues above.  Please be sure that you have submitted a ticket.  As @Elliot Tabush mentioned above, some of his files were not updated through the upgrade and therefore would never have been resolved without engineering/support discovering it.

    Thank you all for your patience on this.


  • I've had a ticket open since 3/29 CS154471 but have gotten no information about re-running the install or whether my files are out of date.  But support on this issue has been a little slow, it took two weeks for them to try and duplicate the issue, before then they asked me a couple times about versions of Java and Chrome.  

  • Re-installing 6.3 may have helped a little but problem is still happening.

  • I had multiple multiple issues with live connect.....The issue ended up being having KAV installed on my kserver. Once i removed KAV from my kserver, i went through the installation of KLC again and viola!