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Hey Kaseya

  • You guys ever going to make a live connect module that doesn't crash internet explorer at least 50% of the time when I attempt to close the window?  You know, seems how its been doing this for many moons now.

  • Did you install the KLC update/patch?



  • I can try to confirm that.  But, I'm pretty sure I installed this months ago when I suggested that its also ridiculous we can't get a decent quality technology for remote controlling a computer instead of the horribly inefficient, buggy tightvnc.  I installed the patch, and experienced no improved stability, and no improved speed.

    With that said, wouldn't an approved patch get pushed out automatically with a hotfix, seems how it was released last year?

  • Think there was some complex 'reason' why it wasn't originally a hotfix, perhaps to do with the manual push required for agent updates afterwards.. If you go to your 'update agent' section on the vsa, what is the current version of your agents? - Mine shows as " -"

    They're overhauling the whole LiveConnect system for the next major release I think.. Major code rewrite and a new connectivitiy mechanism (agents are going to use XMPP etc.) - Hopefully a significant improvement...

    In the meantime, the first time I performed the klc update as referenced above it didn't work properly - had to apply it a couple of times to get it to install correctly and in the meantime I thought it had installed OK but there was simply no improvement.


  • Well, you were right.  I did not install this update.  I applied the update.  Then I tried to schedule my agents to update (a little over 150 of them) over the period of a 4 hour window and the entire system crashed forcing me to reboot my server.  You gotta love it.  I've certainly got nothing better to do....

  • Why are you using LC in IE? Everyone knows you should use Chrome, don't they?

  • I reserve Chrome for my 'kaseya free' access, otherwise the plugins seem to conflict.. Firefox or IE seems to be ok for KLC, for the most part.. Memory leaks and spontaneous crashing aside...

  • Hi,

    Indeed whenever closing the LC window my IE went hanging.... but after installation of patches on the server even IE is working fine.