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Updating KLC plugin in Terminal Services

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After the last 2 updates of KLC I am now no longer able to run the plugins successfully within Terminal Services.

I've used the standard process of logging into servers as administrator, gonig into change mode and doing the install, however all standard user accounts give an error about needing the plugin.

In IE 9, the popup box for the plugin install pops up, but the install never shows.so K2 in Citrix is now no usable with IE

In Chrome, I get the popu and can let it do the install (which obviously fails) and then just click done and get into Kaseya do do work.

So, it seems there is a problem in that  the plugin/application will now not work for non local administrative users by default

(since if nothing else, RDS/Citrix users should be able to install the plugin into their profile).  It appears the new plugins touch the actual system outside of HKLM and users profile

anyone else run into this found a workaround?  Is there an msi version of this cab file that I can use to do an actual system level install?

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  • Have you seen this thread - community.kaseya.com/.../13911.aspx There's a patch for LC that significantly increases the reliability and performance.  I'm not sure if it will resolve the Terminal services issue you're referring to, but it may be worth a try.

  • the latest patch requires the CAB file update which is where I hit the issue.  Previously it was giving me an error but I ignored it...with the newest upates I want to get those patches working.  I think I need an msi of the patches vs a cab in order for it to install correctly for all users.

  • still not able to get KLC working for all users (or now ever admin user) on my TS servers.  All I get now is plugin failed to load...or timeout expired before loading plugins...