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New Hotfix Information - Performance Improvements

  • I wanted to give all users a heads up on the latest Hotfix that was pushed last night --

    We've changed the way that Live Connect performs the relay connection, and the order in which plug-ins are loaded. These changes will provide a significant improvement in the time that it takes to establish a relay connection. In our internal testing we've seen connection times (for on premise servers) decrease from 15 seconds to 7 seconds. We conducted our test by measuring the time it takes from clicking the "Desktop Access" option in the VSA QuickView window to having a VNC launched and active in Live Connect. This speed improvement applies to all features of Live Connect, not just Desktop Access.

    One additional note -- A very busy procedure queue will increase the time it takes to establish the connection.

    I'd be very interested in hearing your experiences with this hotfix.


    How did the latest hotfix affect Live Connect performance?

    • Large performance improvement! (30.8%)
    • Some performance improvement (38.5%)
    • No change to performance (15.4%)
    • Performance decreased (15.4%)
    • Total Votes: 13
  • Could you tell me which hotfix it is so that I can check and see if we received it?

  • This change is included in Hotfix 19482 - 19496.

  • Thank you. I appreciate the effort to make this perform better. Unfortunately, for us, it doesn't seemed to have made an improvement that I can notice.

  • Hi Patrick, Thanks ! this is an great improvement, it reduces the time it takes to connect with approx 50% !!!

  • Chrome

    Defiantly an improvement on Chrome but it looks like IE is now broken.


    I get a message below when it tries to install the KLC controls in IE9


    Seems a bit quicker than before, but less stable than Chrome


  • Id say this has help quite a bit.

    Im running the following spec PC as one of my main admin stations and the connection time went from about 8 seconds to about 2-3

    Corei7 3.22ghz

    12gb Ram

    SSD OS Drive, Mirrored 10k Raptors for Data

    Windows 7 64-bit

    Using FireFox 4.

    The first time I ran the new Desktop Access application post hotfix the Java Engine took longer to start than I would have expected it to but that was a one-time deal.  Ever since that and after a reboot the systems been OK w/ the increase start speed.

  • I've tested this update and I've got a big big improvement in connection speeds and I'm using Google Chrome. This is a really important update that I like to see happening from Kaseya after allot of the complaints on here, some from me.

    Aside of all the cool and usefull features in LC performance is key and most important to us. To me LC just wasn't quick enough or stable to the point I've even removed it the direct access from our engineers VSA on the helpdesk until i'm happy with it.

    At the moment we are still using the old style KVNC connection as need the feature to be able to reduce the colours on slower connections like we can currently do on KVNC to get the best performance of the customers machine when remote controlling. I understand that this is a feature request which I've already reqested and not a hot fix but as soon as this is in LC and works then it will be a quick if not quicker than the old KVNC for me but with loads of better useful features.

  • Between the Hotfix range 19482 - 19496, i seem to be missing 19482, 19487, 19488, 19489, 19490.  And my Live Connect is still really slow.

    I have clicked Get Latest Hotfix and the hotfixes i mentioned are not sitting in Pending Hotfixes.

    Any suggestions?