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Using Live Connect without desktop access?

  • Question - I just started using K2 recently and love the Live Connect feature.  There are times when I want to use it to get at the command prompt, or remote registry, but don't necessarily want to access the user's desktop.  The way I typically get to the Live Connect screen is to hover over the agent icon then click 'Desktop Access'.  Even if I quickly click out to command prompt or the registry, the user still gets the '<user> is about to control your machine' prompt.  Is there a way (besides setting the machine notification policy to 'silently take control') to get to the other KLC features without triggering the machine policy message?  Is there a better way to access KLC other than the way I described?  Thanks!



  • Ok, nevermind, I figured it out - just needed to actually click the agent icon instead of using the hover-over feature.