In KLC, there is a button on the Home tab to "Install Missing Patches".  This button is only there if you've added it and only if you've previously scanned for missing patches.  This button basically gives one-click functionality of going to Machine Update and selecting the machine and selecting all of the uninstalled patches and using the Scheduling screen to one-off the install of all missing patches.  This is extremely handy.  It is cumbersome to do it the long way.  I was wondering if anybody has been able to port the functionality of this button to an even-more-useful location in Kaseya, namely Agent Procedures or the Run Procedure Now part of KDC (I'm assuming that Kaseya DirectConnect is what they are calling the hoverover pop-up that you get in 6.1).  This would allow me to install missing patches for a mass amount of machines or for a specific machine without having to do it the long way or even open up KLC.  Some may say that Initial Update is the way to go, but the method that I am trying to accomplish will stop at the "reboot required" action and not reboot a machine many times.  I opened a ticket with Kaseya, but Dev was unable to produce the code behind this mythical button, only stating that the functionality is only available on the KLC Home screen.  It would seem that if Kaseya coded a button, they could port the button to a script that would be even more useful.