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Live connect on mobile devices

  • Maybe i heard this wrong but maybe now so I will ask. Are we able to load the new live connect on to apple or android devices? If so, what is the process?

    Is that possible

  • It's there in 9.5, but it's limited.  Not what I was hoping for when they brought up that feature.  I was really hoping for something allowing the remote control to work on an iPad or Android tablet.

    Just load up the page your.kaseyaserver.name/liveconnect

    in your mobile browser. and away you go..  

    It does give you access to *most* everything *except* remote control.

  • Sorry meant 9.4 ;)

  • A personal issue i've run into it is that I use LastPass for a password manager and it doesn't appear to fill that page, not a Kaseya issue but an FYI.

  • Hmmm I'll have to try that one.. I too use LastPass, but I haven't ever even tried it with the VSA since I have AuthAnvil setup required anyway... Plus I don't really trust *any* password manager with the login to my VSA.  My absolute worst nightmare is someone who knows the true power of Kaseya compromising that system.