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New Agent Procedure - Install / Update Live Connect

  • Hey all!

    Since we've seen rapid updates with Live Connect throughout the past few months, we can imagine how managing these Live Connect deployments can be a headache after running a patch update. We figured it would make sense to develop a simple agent procedure that would quickly deploy Live Connect updates across machines. Your technical staff would focus on solving issues the moment they walk in the office rather than dealing with downloading and installing new Live Connect updates often.

    You can download the Live Connect deployment agent procedure here created by our own Douglas Sanchez: https://automationexchange.kaseya.com/products/331.

    The agent procedure consists of grabbing the available installer from the VSA, checking if Live Connect is actively running on the machine, stopping it, and then proceeding with the install / update. We're looking for feedback on whether this would be useful for your team and how we can improve this further.

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  • Sweet, so this would take care of my question about pushing *that* out... Now how about one for the RC agent :)... If I could do both, then that would be great!

  • Can you elaborate on the remote control agent? Live Connect also has remote control built in. Let me know if I misunderstood.

  • Ok... so basically you are saying that if I install Live Connect that I shouldn't need the separate KRC app installed then?  I"m talking about the app that gets used when you don't do live connect but instead just do Remote control or private remote control from Quickview.

  • That's correct. If you only need remote control, it will launch the remote control sub-app by itself. However, if you go to Default Settings under System in the VSA, you will see an option to switch to the previous version of remote control and that itself will require a separate installation. This agent procedure targets the new version. Hope that helps.

  • Is it supposed to be KaseyaLiveConnect.exe?  We have KaseyaLiveConnect.msi

  • In 9.4, all of our Live Connect installers are in .exe format whereas in 9.3, they were provided in .msi format. It shouldn't make a difference in installing and running.

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  • Does this check the installed version vs. the available version and automatically update if the version isn't the most current?

    My thought is, if Kaseya pushes out an update over the weekend, our techs will still need to manually run this agent procedure before they can use Live Connect, which doesn't really save time.

    Unless I'm missing something here.

  • Any chance that someone updated this procedure or developed a procedure to NOW include UNINSTALLING liceconnect.exe before you can install the latest update?

  • Can we have the Live Connect application self update? If I understand correctly, if a new version of LC comes out, one of us (agents) will need to run this script on all our Agent's machines?