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Is there a means of setting this up to simply allow a remote connection?

Downloading a 34Mb file, and then running an install could take a lot of time for a support request.  In the manner of Teamviewer, to be able to just run a smaller file would be a lot more immediately beneficial.

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  • It's not that large really, even if a customer is on a T1 it wouldn't take long. Plus you gotta remember it's meant as a way to get all the bells and whistles of the regular agent to run all the KLC tools.

  • Well, do the math on T1: about 150 KB/sec == roughly 6 -7 seconds for 1 MB == multiply by 34 and  your minimum time is around 3,5 minutes and that's a long time to chit-chat with your customer. If that line is used for other stuff (and that's a given), you're looking at 5 minutes to load the LCOD client.

    That's a bit on the high side, I think. It doesn't impact us as much, here in the Netherlands internet speeds tend to be better. Somewhere around 4 Mbit is the normal minimum, except for a few special cases...

  • I would recommend that you put in a feature request for future consideration.