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Potential conflict with Kaseya Application Blocker

  • There is potential for a large volume of error messages to be written to the KServer, growing the database and using large amounts of server resources.  The case we came across was that Application Blocker was being used to block access to an application that happened to be seen by Kaseya Anti-Malware (KAM) as malware.  KAM in trying to clean or fix the application needed to access the file, which generated an Application Blocker report.  Because KAM was unable to clean the file, it continued to try, which continued to generate more reports.


    Development is looking into a permanent resolution for this condition, but in the mean time any instances of Application Blocker logs and KAM logs quickly growing the database can be worked around by disabling Application Blocker on the offending applications.



    Kaseya Support

  • I've actually seen this before while cleaning machines that were infected... IIRC this was brought up in the old forums too... honestly I'm a bit surprised that it's still an issue.