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Why are our machines suddenly showing the yellow icon with no interenet access

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Machines are showing that there is no internet access but are able to connect. Built in troubleshooter reports no problems. Multiple machines on the same network are affected but not all. As a result, Office 365 does not recognize that there is internet access and is preventing users from attaching documents that stored on the network to emails.

Solved: We found that the Network Attack Blocker module in KAV is causing the Windows Network Icon to report that there is no internet access.  We have disabled the module temporarily until we find a suitable fix. Anyone else run into this and find a way to resolve without disabling the module?

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  • One of our techs ran into this issue on a handful of machines at one customer and tells me that running 'netsh winsock reset' and then rebooting the PC resolved it. Perhaps give that a try.

  • That's a solution we've used before to fix issues with network cards. I can confirm that's a valid solutions where we had the same issue.