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Mac Support

  • is Mac support coming anytime soon? I know Kaspersky has supported versions, but doesn't seem like its in the VSA

  • Good question, this is long overdue. I'd also like to know if Mac support in KAV is on the roadmap, although I doubt it will be.

  • i'm hoping that it is coming really soon. we have backup support now in KCB. Patch support is coming with R9.4. Just missing AV/AM. there are supported versions out there for Kaspersky and Malwarebytes, seems like it should be simple enough to add these in.

  • I ran Kaspersky on Mac for a few years without going through KAV and this year gave up on Kaspersky and moved to BitDefender for my Mac recommendations. Biggest thing was Kaspersky was blocking our Sonicwall VPN and I had a support case open with Kaspersky for a year and they couldn't fix it, so I did by changing Mac AV vendors ;)

    It would be nice to be able to support it all through KAV, but I don't know if I'd switch now after that experience.