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License Expired - KAV "New" (

  • Seeing the following messages on roughly 10% of our systems running KAV "New":

    "Cannot Add or Update Security Asset: AgentGuid is zero."

    - OR -

    "Error On Endpoint: . Server returned nothing (no headers, no data) : Script error util.downloadPassword@execute"

    I have a ticket opened with support but wanted to check with the community to see if you have run into this.

  • I have had this license expiration issue on my test server with some endpoints.  We are on the latest patch as well; I believe Kaseya development is aware of the issue.

  • Are the users seeing this error or its in the VSA?

    Deciding if i should updgrade to .18 patch this weekend.

  • I have had users report the error.  Running an Install/Upgrade seems to address the issue "Cannot Add or Update Security Asset: AgentGuid is zero."

    Note: I am not sure if this was present in .16 - .17 or not.  I became aware of it the day after upgrading to .18

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  • I have seen both messages and have been struggling with KAV.  I have opened many tickets...  I received a SQL script from kaseya that removed all references to the securityProductId for Kaspersky version from the SEC tables.

    I believe this resolved some of my issues.  Mainly the duplication of tasks when Kaspersky version was installed on an endpoint.