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Installed the patch last night and am now seeing ddoouubbllee

  • Scratch that, I am now seeing double also!

  • Since we are unable to choose profiles on installed clients I tried to run an Install/Upgrade.....sets the profile but leave the installation in an "Install Failed" state.  Anybody else receiving this error?  "Error on Endpoint: . Process Creation Failed : Script error installWindows@execute"

  • I've had the script error as well. Just wait - eventually it goes away by itself - presumably the next time the system checks the AV status of the agent.

  • Another item that I just came across - All of my previously configured profiles have resorted to default AND my Global Exclusions have also...Anybody else seeing this issue?

  • Support cases are in and engineering have confirmed its a defect that will be patched in .18

    nothing new here.... patch to fix something breaks something else