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Error on multiple endpoint migrations from classic KAV to the new module

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Anyone getting this when trying to move multiple classic KAVs to the new KAV module (Agents up to date and SP1 installed)?  Seems like the first one goes fine and all of the rest instantly come up with this error.  If you retry them one by one it will work but not for multiple selections.

Remove Classic
Could not auto remove classic for product type: AV_Kaspersky. Try removing Classic Manually and retry installation.
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  • My initial testing has shown KAV to have a 90%+ success rate - I am very impressed.  I am not getting similar results with KAM as I am receiving similar errors as you are.

    I spoke with one of the main developers of the new security modules and he urges those users utilizing the new security modules to report bugs through the usual process of support to development.

  • I too am having issues with batch processing, however as you stated, single assets move over to the new module without a problem.

  • Other folks having this issue still?  I'm on the latest patch and it's still a problem, support ticket has been open since June 7.  Just trying to figure out if it's a local issue or a bug in the product.

  • Same issue here. When attempting to upgrade multiple machines it seem only the first machine is upgraded and the rest sit in that pending Remove classic state.

  • Sounds like the resolution to this is coming in .15, just an FYI.