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Large number/size of .dmp and .enc1 files after the Update

  • Has anyone else run into large (50+ GB) .enc1 log files since the latest patch?  We have had a dozen or so in the last couple of days where systems are filling the drive with log data.

     C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\

  • We had this on a few machines that had 10.2.1 rather than 10.2.4, we ran the install/upgrade and this has "touch wood" fixed the issue for us.

  • I am at a loss: "touch wood" ?

  • Hey  

    I believe the 'touch wood' reference is similar to 'knock on wood' analogy (Hoping it doesn't break after saying that)? I may be just as lost as you.

    I know posted a while back with the same issue, but I haven't looked into it:


    It looks like the following thread was referenced from Kaspersky's forum:


  • I can confirm only that upgrading has resolved it for us - we had identified more than 60 endpoints that had the issue.  Multiple OS, multiple versions of KAV. some domain members, some standalone workstations.

  • Thanks , you got it correct, It is a british saying. I forgot that some others may not have understood.

    And thank you  for your confirmation.