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Scans are stuck at 1%

  • Hello,

    We're finding more and more machines that users are reporting to us (not how we want to find anything out if we can help it) that the AV full and quick scans we run are getting stuck at 1% and not moving. I found one that hung in Feb, and we just now discovered it. This is happening on both servers and workstations.

    Any insight on how I could catch this without the user telling us? Anyone else seen this before? 

    Thanks in advance!


  • Procedure KES 10 - Quick Scan (1).xml

    I've seen where my scans would show paused at 1%. Seems to mostly affect machines that were upgraded from 6 to 10 but I haven't confirmed this. 

    Stopping the scan and then starting it and letting it run through seems to clear the issue. Attached is the procedure I use.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to properly detect the status first. I've just been scheduling the procedure to run on everything. To run the Full Scan change the part of the procedure that says Scan_Qscan to Scan_My_Computer. Also, it expects the default KAV username / password.

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    EDIT: I misunderstood the request here, please feel free to ignore me. Smile

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