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Does anybody know if KAV will support Windows 10?

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With Microsoft pushing everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 (free upgrade), I expect this to be an issue very soon.

Does anyone know if KAV supports windows 10: The compatibility checker says no.

If it doesn't support Windows 10, when will it?



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  • Currently the version of Kaspersky being deployed through Kaseya does not support Windows 10.

  • It took a year before Windows 8 and Server 2012 were supported. I don't expect anything different unfortunately.

  • What a great question to ask on the CTO roadmap webinar tomorrow.

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    Rachel Roberts

  • Has anyone heard an update on KAV compatibility with Windows 10?

  • Hi Brandon.  We expect to have an update from Kaspersky in the coming week/so.  We will take this through internal testing first and plan to get changes out in the R9.8 release.

  • Windows 10 is here today. Clients are installing Windows 10 today -> hence, we need to support Windows 10 today also.

    Windows 10 has been in free beta for many months, providing more than adequate testing time. So where's the problem? is it just testing/sign off, or is there an actual compatibility issues in Kaseya?

    Kaspersky 10 supposedly supports windows 10 already support.kaspersky.com/kes10wks

    My gut feeling is to will probably work, although there may need to be some tweaks just to get things to work optimally in the win10 environment (e.g. setting up a suitable profile, etc.). I'll be testing this today.

    To Kaseya, I say there is little excuse for not at least testing and having a clear YES/NO answer available on the question of Win10 compatibility across all VSA modules.

  • I could not find any reference of Windows 10 on your link - from what I understand Kaspersky has yet to release a Windows 10 supported AV as of today.

  • Oromero, after clicking the link posted by Craig click on first article and you will get <On July 23, 2013 Kaspersky Lab announced the release of Autopatch A for Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (version>

    So isn't windows version referred to Windows 10. Please let me know if I am wrong.

  • KAV 2015 also lists windows 10 as supported here:


    and here:


  • That is reflective of Kaspersky Version number - not Windows.   provided the right links with Kaspersky 2015.

    Unless Kaspersky makes a framework change for KES10 (Endpoint Security) to support Windows 10, Kaseya may have to wait for an OEM package from Kaspersky.

  • I can tell you that it does NOT work. KAV and Windows 10 do not get along at all. Here's the response from the ticket I opened.

    Currently KAV is not supported via Kaseya on Windows 10, as per the following link of FAQ there were concerns about windows 10, please see link and the appropriate portion that concern Security and Windows 10 via Kaseya.


    We have contacted our security partners and should be getting their versions that support Windows 10 in the next 60 days. We will roll these versions into our release cycle, and will update this FAQ as appropriate

  • Kaseya dropping the ball as usual.

  • Hi  

    We are actually doing the opposite, Kaseya is actively engaging Kaspersky in order to acquire the latest OEM Version that will support Windows 10.

    Until we have an acceptable OEM version provided by Kaspersky that will support Windows 10 as  kindly pointed out, KAV will be unable to support Windows 10 machines.

    As the roadmap Q&A community thread specified, our security partners notified us that it  may take up to 60 days for them to provide a compatible version.

    Once we have a suitable build from our security partners, it will be tested/verified to ensure optimal performance for our clients, and then the new build will be rolled out in a release cycle.

    Please let me know if we can clarify or assist in any aspect of this.

    Best Regards,


  • I would not ultimately place the blame on Kaseya with this as Kaspersky has been quite aware Windows 10 was coming.  

    From an MSP perspective, Windows 10 is relatively new and most clients will need to upgrade in November again (Windows 10 instance).  I am confident Kasperky would have released an OEM version for Kaseya with Windows 10 support by then.

  • Any update on this?