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Database Date in VSA doesn't match the one on the system

  • I am wondering if anyone else is seeing an issue where the VSA is reporting one level of database dates and the local system is reporting another? I have opened a ticket with Kaseya and they have said that they are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. 

    For example: I have 1 machine that reports that it has virus definitions from Nov 2 2014. But when I log onto the machine and manually check it is current as of a few hours ago. 

    If other people are seeing this same issue, i was wondering if anyone has a workaround to fix this? If anyone has gotten a reply from Kaseya as to an ETA or a supported workaround for this. The workaround I was given from support was to repair the AV on the machine and that this may or may not work. 

    I need to be able to know that our clients have up to date virus scanners so that the ones that actually need attention are handled appropriately. 

    Any help or even confirmation that others are seeing this issue will help. Thanks! 

  • Sounds like the process(agent procedure) that checks the agent and retrieves the current info isn't working properly.

    Check the agent procedure logs for KAV: Update Kaspersky running regularly and without error. Ensure the agent credential is correct also.

  • Those procedures have been running successful, and the credentials are accepted. Other areas are updating in the VSA, but not this field.

  • We have the same issue.

    I have found that if you uninstall via kaseya then redeploy it tends to fix it.......However id rather not do it this way and colleagues have mentioned some agents still wont show updated database dates.

    Perhaps if you delete the agent account from kaseya and let it rebuild its information?

    We are using Kaseya

  • I have just messaged Kaseya support today for an update and they replied by saying that engineering is able to reproduce the issue and that they are working on a fix for this. They don't have an ETA.