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Deploy Kaspersky AV version 6.0 after upgrading VSA to 6.5 : not possible

  • Hello...

    I've read the help regarding this subject and it states:

    Install or Upgrade Antivirus - Installs or upgrades the Antivirus client on selected machines.

    • Profile Selection - Workstations and servers can be selected and installed at the same time. Workstations are assigned the selected workstation profile. Servers are assigned the selected server profle. Only version 10.x workstation and server profiles can be selected.

    Many of our client's machines do not have the necessary HW requirement for Kaspersky AV version 10... and I doubt they will be keen on changing their hardware for the sake of installing Kaspersky AV version 10.

    The obvious answer would be to install Kaspersky AV version 6.0... but the VSA does not let you select the version 6.0.

    Anyone knows anything on this subject ?

    Is there a feature request to enable installation of KAV 6.0 ?

    Has anyone tried to "manually install Kaspersky AV 6.0" and run a "Connect Kaseya Antivirus" or a "Repair Antivirus Install" afterward ?

    Thank you

    Francis Germain - HTG

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  • Hi,

    The KAV module is only pushing and receiving installers for KES10.  Kaspersky 6.0 cannot be deployed.

    I recommend not attempting the last option, as the lua scripts in the backend will ultimately cause licensing issues with the endpoint(s) if you attempt to 'connect' or 'repair' these manual installations.  

  • A little off topic, but how is that even possible not to meet the requirements.  2 GB hd space, 1 GB RAM, 1 GHZ processor.  The only way I see this happening is if they have XP, and if they have XP that needs AV they are going to have a bad time when support runs out in 2 months and security patches cease.

  • nsummy> My thoughts exactly.

  • Regardless of hardware changes, the impact on the end user is what is important.  We can't be installing one version of AV at one point then because of a Kaseya server upgrade have to upgrade all other modules and dependencies.  

    It would have been nice to have the information before hand or an upgrade that still allows deployment of Kaspersky 6.

  • The primary reason for the push to KES10 was the compatibility with windows 8/8.1 and Server 2012.  Personally, for our clients if they have lower-end machines I communicate to push AVG which is 'lighter' for the end user.

  • All of my machines are V6 with Windows 7.  even the profiles are for V6.  I went to install a new Machine an could NOT.  THEN I found out there is a V10 AV. I didnt even know this was happening when we did a server upgrade.  Do I now need to update every workstation that has V6? Please advise