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Remote uninstall of Microsoft or Symantec antivirus

  • We've been using Kaseya for a while and just bought the Kaseya / Kaspersky antivirus feature.

    We have a couple hundred workstations, some running Symantec Endpoint protection and some running Microsoft Antivirus. Is there a better way to uninstall MS or Symantec than visiting or VNCing into each PC and doing it manually?


  • The KAV has a feature built into it to remove common AV installs. I have seen it take two tries to install and remove, but it is much easier than manual uninstall.

    Edit: Forgot to mention it is under Advanced Options when you go to install that agent.

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  • Or script



  • I would suggest a script for MSE.

    Upload two versions of the mseinstall.exe to the kserver.

    and run it as mseinstall /u