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Best Practice \ recommended settings

  • Hello everyone,

        I'm looking to try out KAV. We are currently using KES for all of our clients, but KAV has caught my interrest since the latested updates.

    When I log into the VSA and begin looking through the profiles I immediatly notice that there quite a few options in there (which is great, but a little overwhelming). I jus want to know how is everyone running this? Is there any recommendations as far as enabling or disabling options in the profiles? Recommended exclusions? Has anyone had any issues with user browsing or software?


    Just kind of seeking some insight on the besat way to run this for users without ruining their day.




  • This is a super old post, but here is what I do:

    By default everything is checked but the following in the Profiles -> Protection:

    File Anti-Virus:

    *Protect Network Drives.

    Mail anti-virus:

    *Enable Mail Protection

    Web Anti-Virus:

    *Enable Web Anti-Virus

    Proactive Anti-Virus:

    *Enable Registry Guard.

    Access Control:

    *Enable Access Control


    *Enable Anti-Spy


    *Enable Anti-Spam

    Again, the settings listed above are disabled.  I find Registry Guard to be too intrusive.  Anti-Spy causes issues like users being unable to interact with the Windows desktop.