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KAV 1.4: Is there a way to disable the license expiring message endusers get?

  • With KAV 1.4, it seems more end users are getting pop-ups stating that their license is expiring.  We would like to be able to disable this, and not bother the customer, as it is starting to get on the nerves of many clients.  Since the license auto-extends, we don't really have a need for this.



    Steven Carroll

  • I'd like to know this as well. I've searched the registry for a possible key but cant find it.

  • Hey Fabio,

    I ended up opening a support ticket with Kaseya Support and found out that, in most instances, the licensing expired pop-up end users sometimes see is due to several different possible reasons... most which can be remediated by reinstalling KAV from within the KAV module.  

    Here are some examples that Kaseya Support noticed at least with our Kaseya implementation.  I don't know where they found these specific errors, so I'd suggest if reinstalling KAV from the KAV module doesn't resolve the issue, open a ticket with Kaseya Support to have them look at your implementation.

    Error 1, Password Invalid, access denied. This indicates that the API password was not set on installation, therefore the management utilities cannot perform a majority of the functions. This usually indicates that the endpoint was installed manually, then a verify install was run against the endpoint within the KAV module. The only option to rememdiate is to uninstall the current installation, and reinstall from within the KAV module.

    Error 2, Cannot connect TM err=800000C5. This indicates that the communication has failed, and the management utilities are unable to communicate with the Kaspersky installation. A reboot will generally resolve this error.

    Error 3, Command unavailable due to password protection disabled. This should only happen if the password protection has been manually turned off within the profile. This prevents the management utilities from performing any actions that require the API password. These endpoints will likely need to be uninstalled then reinstalled from within the KAV module.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Steve Carroll