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KAV 1.4+ Feature Request

  • How about a hot fix on the suspension issues?

    1. Allow/Deny user from suspending protection. (Users upload large files and the KAV scanning load often times out the connection and kills it)

    2.IF user suspends protection, allow user to renable or automatically reneable protection after a certain time. (Don't allow the machine to go unprotection because a user forgets to reenable it)

    3. Ability to change password on client without removing and reinstalling KAV on machine.

    4.Uninstalling KAV also provides the option to clean database NOW or later. (Clean things up)

    5.  If machine falls out of compliance, state why and automatically reapply the profile.

    6. Correct the script sequence status: Uninstalling Antivirus - Rebooting - Not Installed - Script Scheduled - Installing Software - Rebooting - etc.

    7. Fix the licensing dashboard and show DATES on the license pool status. The pool idea is ok, but licenses could very easily get losts.

  • This would be amazing.

  • Thread Bump and Questions to add.

    Is there a Kaseya Reporting Tool that can break down the Companies that are using KAV and produce a list of Expiring Licenses, Active Licenses, When Installed.

    Basic information but in a report format?