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KAV 1.4 and major issues (with Google Sync)

  • I've been rolling out KAV 1.4 onto our machines and have run into a number of issues. Ranging from Kaseya not recognizing what version of Kaspersky is installed to uninstalls failing and breaking the USB drivers on a machine. I had been going through and manually fixing these but there is no reason for this, why is the upgrader unable to see what is installed when I can see the version clearly displayed inside K2, or even better, why is that causing a failure when it appears that the upgrade has to uninstall and reinstall the AV anyway. Of course I may be misunderstanding how that works.

    The most recent issue is one with 1.4 and computers that have outlook 2010 and google apps sync. The outlook plugin is causing a total block of outgoing messages on machines that I've upgraded. Disabling the mail plugin does nothing to stop the issue. I've seen a registry entry to change this but why should I have to disable the plugin on all our machines that we have upgraded, this just leaves the application vulnerable and kind of defeats the idea of an anti-virus.

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  • I thought this thing was tested before release?

  • Update: Been rolling out 1.4 randomly at sites. A few bugs, but the dang thing actually works right !!!!

    However, have not installed on machines with outlook 2010 and google apps sync as noted above.

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  • I configured KAV 1.4 to not scan IMAP accounts and that resolved the Google Sync issue.

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  • I have disabled the Mail Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam components but the user still cannot send an e-mail.  I have also included an exclusion on the folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Google Apps Sync, but it still won't send out an e-mail.

    To further clarify the sending e-mail problem, when you click Send, the e-mail briefly displays in the Outboox and then appears in the Sent Items as a sent item, including the theoretical date/time as to when it should have been sent.  However, the end-user never receives the e-mail.  Every indication is that it is actually leaving Outlook, but somewhere along the way it is not being delivered to the recipient (I have checked log files, spam filters, etc.).

    Charlie Liakos

  • I was also having this issue with office 2010 and KAV 1.4 and I found this link from the Kaspersky's support


    In the forum it was version 8 of the business edition and I know KAV1.4 is built on version 6 but both seem to be having the same issue.

    I tried what was in that forum and that worked for me but I didn't want to have to do that for everyone with Google App Sync so I used KES on those machines instead.

  • Using a combination of what is on the Kaspersky site and the difference in versions, this is what I got to finally get it to work.

    1.  First off, just unchecking the add-in box for Mail Anti-Virus does not work.

    2.  There are two registry entries that need to be made



    The "LoadBehavior" value needs to be set to a value of 2 for both of the plug-ins.  Even if you uncheck the box to disable the the plug-ins within Kaspersky, both of these values will still be 3.  Changing them to 2 and restarting Outlook is what got it working for me.  Doing just the Anti-Virus plug-in did not work, you also had to do the Anti-Spam plug-in also.

    Of course, you could just KES in it's place, but if you are like us, we have been migrating all of our users from KES to KAV.

    If you have a 64 bit OS, the keys are located at -




  • Thanks, this was very helpful and fixed the same issue for me. Although, on my system they are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE not HKEY_CURRENT_USER.



  • I went back to the Kaspersky forum site and saw that they had a patch available for the Business Edition 8.x to fix this issue.

    I wonder if they have one for version 6 and if we will be getting that patch with our KAV updates.