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KAV licensing issues in the VSA

  • Hi,


    I'm hoping anyone can shed some light on this.

    We're currently using KAV on a number of machines, and rolling it out on more and more machines. So far so good. The problem started when we tried installing new workstations and ran into an issue with licensing.


    Kaseya currently shows we have 5 server licenses, which is not correct. We have 20 server licenses, even according to our sales rep. He's currently looking into this. We have installed KAV on 11 servers, so license count tells me I have -6 available servers (which is odd, because it shouldn't allow me to install). Now we want to install KAV on workstations, and it won't let me because I've run out of server licenses. That's a problem, since I have 31 workstation licenses available, but I'm unable to schedule an install because of the server licenses.

    The message the KAV install screen shows me is: You have selected 0 servers to install. You currently have -6 server licenses available.

    Why is it not allowing me to install KAV on a workstation when clearly those are 2 seperately sold license types and are reported seperately on the license availability page?

    I've opened up a support ticket, and requested they forward this to be a feature request. The installer page clearly checks for server licenses when installing only workstations which, in my humble opinion, should not happen.

    I understand that this is probably a fluke, and in normal operation this should never happen. It did happen though, and now we have a customer that is not running AV on their workstations at the moment because of an error at Kaseya with licenses that do not apply to those particular machines.


    Anyone from the KAV team that can give me an insight as to how the KAV licenses work, and if this has happened before and is worthy of fixing?

    Anyone else ever experience this?

  • What version of the VSA and KAV are you using?

  • VSA 6.2

    KAV 1.3

  • I have seen this before. K support states that you have to have atleast 1 license available to perform certain functions, such as verify, etc. Otherwise, thing get out of order. Now, this may have been fixed, but it does not sound like it. You are probably going to have to open an support ticket so they can fix the pieces that are broke in the database. If you install all your licenses, it does not seem to know how to count correctly. I think it evolves around the method they are using in the licensing pool. If you bleed off the licensing pool of licenses, it breaks. I suggest opening a support ticket to get it fixed.

  • I had a problem with negative license counts a couple of weeks ago.  Kaseya provided me with a new License Code and it resolved the issue.