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KAV and automatic Firefox updates

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I like that Firefox is now updating automatically as security vulnerabilities are addressed.  I don't like that Kaspersky add-ons get broken because our version of Kaspersky is so far out of date.

I am getting this warning on all of my client computers that have the latest version of Firefox installed and the version of Kaspersky that is running on SAAS3.KASEYA.NET from ITCENTER.

"Kaspersky URL advisor is incompatible with Firefox 12.0"

It seems that the Kaspersky add-on is version, while the compatible version of the add-on is 11.xxx something from Kaspersky.


What do I say to my clients that want to know why Kaseya AntiVirus is version 2010 of Kaspersky, when Kaspersky is advertising 2012 as the current version?



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  • Well KAV 1.3 was Kaseya's answer to this problem. And it is the corporate version on the current 6.x engine(although still different than my clients who have actually purchased Kaspersky security on their network etc).

    So really, you should be updating to this instead of running 2010. Can you not upgrade through SAAS3? Does it not let you.

    On this note, I am running KAV 1.3 and the Firefox add-in is still outdated. Its not outdated on my other clients who run Kaspersky interally.

    The URL advisor is not a core part of the product and the web anti-virus still functions without this addin but its a nice feature and the bad point being is visibility to clients.