Currently working on a test deployment where I'm upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 for one of our clients.

Process has been to uninstall KAV, manually schedule a reboot, Install KAV, manually schedule a reboot. Haven't been using the "Upgrade Client" option because I've found that while the removal of 1.2 occurs fairly quickly, the 1.3 deployment occurs pretty much whenever it feels like it. 

Installs appear to be going fine and the modules in Kaseya are reported correctly, but a few hours later, they all change status to "Unknown" like below:

Restarting machine doesn't help. I've done a verify install, but then the Kaseya reports that it has KAV 1.2 on the machine again and only shows the relevant modules for that as well. I've removed KAV entirely, verified that the KAV installer directory is gone, restarted the machine, and deployed KAV again. Some machines work fine, others repeat the process. The time it takes a machine to change the status varies on each machine and can be anywhere from minutes to more than 24 hours. I've verified that KAV is not disabled on these machines as well. 

Anyone else seeing this? Is it just a reporting error in Kaseya or indicating a legitimate issue?

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