Since the upgrade to KAV 1.3, I believe we're having some issues with deploying combined KAV 1.3 and KAM on the same systems.  It appears that deploying KAM followed by KAV 1.3 works, but once KAV 1.3 is deployed, installing KAM is having issues.  As such, and until further testing is completed, I've turned off the new features (Access Control, Anti-Spy, Anti-SPAM) in KAV 1.3 in the profile(s).  I believe Access Control may be the issue as I have a hunch since it prevents the autorunning of applications and devices, that it may be preventing remote execution of the KAM install via the KAgent.  Again, just a hunch at this point.


To the Kaseya Team.  What is the current recommended settings for KAV 1.3 and KAM to avoid conflicts between the two.