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AV options being used by Real Kaseya users

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I joined the Kaseya world recently and would like to hear about which Antivirus are being used by real work Kaseya customers.

When I deployed my first KAV I had to back off when the mouse stopped working and I read a workaround to exclude vnc in order to get the mouse working. I realize not all products are perfect and you have to work around issues in getting a successful implementation.

At this point I am seeing KAV and Trend Micro as good candidates based on reviews below:





I would love to get feedback on issues like Reporting, ability to set exclusions or ability to manage using Kaseya.

Thanks and look forward to healthy discussion.

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  • We Use Trend Micro at present.  I was hoping to use KAV, but given the time it is taking Kaseya to get the server (not to mention exchange) version out, I am concearned that it will turn out to be like KES and always one or two versions behind Kaspersky.  

    To change from Trend Micro we would have to also find something to replace the URL filtering it does, which as far as I can tell would mean providing another third party application, which means we are still stuck with monitoring and supporting a third party app and may as well stick with Trend Micro!

    What would be really nice would be for Trend Micro to write a plug in for Kaseya, so that we can get some useful information into the Executive Summary Reports.

  • Thanks Eddy for the response,

    URL filtering is one of the strongest points for Trend. I wonder if are using Worry Free Suite and if so have you come across this  article about integration with Kaseya.

    Adding notification recipients to the Worry-Free Remote Manager (WFRM) console and configuring the Kaseya ticketing system


  • Eddy there is a few ways you can do the URL filtering but I would recommend you look at OpenDNS as an option for this, many people use it but never sign up and setup the extras they also offer, has been utterly reliable in the last 5 years at least.

    As for AV we also use Trend, Worry Free Business mostly and it is OK but previously I have found others to have much better central management capabilities, Sophos & Symantec Enterprise versions have the console will enables remote deployment and updating for example, Trend does some of this but just not as well in my experience.

    Kaspersky is supposed to be the best out and out AV protection out there in terms of how many slip past it etc. but as with any security measure nothing is infallible.

  • We usually use UTM firewalls to filter URLs and control web applications. Latest Watchguard XTM series has nice set of application control features. Good side is that no one on LAN network cannot avoid this anyway. Downside is that this is more difficult to force on mobile users.

  • We used to use Trend Micro WFBS but have moved away from it due to some problems. It insisted on getting in the way of some VPN connectivity and we generally found that when we 'disabled' functionality it wasnt really disabled. As a long term user of Trend in various business I view it as having gone downhill quite a bit in quality.

    We switched to KAV a few months back and have rolled it out to our endpoints except servers, were waiting on the server version to be delivered which has only just come out. I installed version 1.2 and started seeing problems. Today we ran into issues with it not branding the client on a couple of machines, reporting some as having no AV when they actually had a Trend client on them still. We have also had issues pushing it onto some computers sometimes required a dozen reboots and install retries to get it going.

    So now we are evaluating GFI VIPRE. Tried the version 4 and didnt like it, but version 5 had a much improved console and is a pinch to get going with great practical fine grained control over what you need. I still have to have a look for some further information on its effectiveness but if it is ok on the virus detection etc then it will be the one to go for.