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KAV update Crashing Network

  • Currently I have a network with over 70 computers downloading KAV updates at 12pm. The entire network is bogged down and crashes. We have traced the network failure to the KAV scheduled updates. Which happens everyday at 12pm. I am looking for anyone who has successfully deployed KAV to 100 computers or more and has found a method to avoid crashing the network.

    Currently I am going to create multiple profiles in attempt to stagger these updates throughout the day.

  • The reason your network is crashing is each instance of KAV is updating from the internet, I have only just started to trial KAV so have not done tis myself but found this forum point which has a way around this subject of post is "KAV updating from a centeral location".  Personally this is teh way I would go as trying to manage a schedule to stagger updates for 70 systems will be a nightmare. The lack of a central update area is the one reason I have not rolled out KAV yet.

  • Yea we've been waiting for over a year for the Central location updating but it doesnt look like its coming, they wasted all that time on 1.2 just to install KAV on servers. Not as important in my opinion then making the current solution work right on Workstations before messing it up on servers also.

    Johnathan, we have a site with 200 PCs and same problem when we had it set to 9PM. We created a new profile with Automatic updates because I guess there is a few times a day that definition updates come out so thats why the file is so big each day at 12PM, especially with all PCs reaching out to download that. So Kaseya suggested to set it to automatic then its updating a few times a day with smaller update files so its not as big of a hit all at one time. So I'd try that create a profile with Automatic, then either one weekend leave all PCs on, Apply the profile and let them go to town or just pick a few each day to switch to Automatic and see how that goes.

    Its still stupid that there isnt a way to have PCs pull the definitions from a central location, they might even download better. We have a ton of machines that some files are failing to download and wont download at all.

    10/5/2011 7:59:59 AM Update files are corrupted sec-update.kaseya.com/.../base05cc.kdc

    10/5/2011 7:59:59 AM Error updating component KLAVA

    10/5/2011 8:00:00 AM Update files are corrupted sec-update.kaseya.com/.../wmuf0015.dat

    10/5/2011 8:00:00 AM Error updating component WMUF

    This is Kaseya's response:

    This is the normal failure message that we have been working through the entire time on this ticket.

    The options and workarounds that we generally use at this time are:

    -Change update schedule to automatic, to allow more than one attempt per day

    -Change update source to Kaspersky servers, which will sometimes succeed more regularly

    We are hoping to have further options in later versions of the KAV module that will allow for alternative update processes, but for the time being we have the occasional file failures, as seen on these endpoints.  Although the definition dates show the last full successful update, the majority of the files are in fact updating properly, meaning the majority of the definitions are up to date.

    My response to that is how about we send you a majority of the money we pay for this broken solution. Version is a couple versions behind, the only thing you can really manage is the Install/Uninstall. Half *** workaround for an exclusion list, etc.

  • Tim

    There was a post earlier today about using the Kaspersky Updater component to achieve the central location update. I can't remember the title of the post but it should be in the KAV forum.

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  • Yea brief instructions but I'm trying to mess with that right now, hopefully without screwing anything up.

  • I agree with you that we shouldn't have to mess about with additional software to get it working as kaseya should integrate and ship this anyway. But if it stops things breaking its got to be the best workaround.

  • Interesting thus far, I have made a change to 20 out of the 70 computers to do automatic updates. I'm looking forward to see if we experience major latency at noon as we did the other days. Hopefully not. And I have put several tickets in questioning the capabilties of KAV as it is right now. With hopes and dreams of hope and change with a new engine that is in the works. Hopes and Dreams!