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KAV preventing mouse from working- any one else seen this?

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We have been deploying a lot, 528, of KAV endpoints over the last few days. We have had at least 3 instances where users USB mouses stopped working after deployment. Removing KAV solved the issue. I do not have any of these instances still occurring  to test/troubleshoot, but wanted to see if anyone else has seen such an issue. 

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  • We saw the exact same thing on one of our older machines and didn't attempt to install to any of the other computers of the same vintage (they are all being upgraded this year).  We have over 100 newer clients that are running with no problems, however.

    I assume there must be something related in the hardware specs that Kaspersky/KAV doesn't like...  We also found a compatibility problem with the Entrust Security suite.  Whenever Windows tries to load %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\ETFSDRV.SYS (at least version, the OS crashes with a blue screen.  Renaming the above file in safe mode will get you back in business.


  • I also came across this on my very first machine where I deployed KAM on XP machine. It showed the Install had failed and the Verify also failed but the install went through and the mouse stopped working and trying 4 different mouse from 3 different brands did not work.  Manually trying to remove KAM to see if it works.

  • We have found this now on at least 6 systems.  In every case KES was also still installed. Removing KES and re-deploying KAV resolved the issue

  • Interesting...  KES was never installed on our machine that experienced the problem.  It was an upgrade from Symantec Client Security 3.0


  • I removed KAM and issue fixed instantly. Thanks Guys for the suggestion. Been wracking my brain playing with unplugging USB devices, updating BIOS and was about to uninstall all USB devices before I came across this solution.

  • Remove KAV and issue is fixed ... then try rebooting the machine and reinstalling ... this was a known issue a little while back ... there is an article in the KB somewhere on it ...

  • I have managed to resove this by adding vnc.exe into the trusted apps.

    Trusted apps XML is located on your kaseya server:


    then add the following line:

    <trustedApp name="winvnc4.exe" path="C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\winvnc4.exe" addRemove="add"/>

    Once this has been added you will need to re aplly the KAV profile to the machine. This will then allow remote control while using KAV,

  • Thanks Tim! That fixed a major issue my techs were complaining about. I added their favorite remote control package, Dameware, to the list and now they can actually run a scan without having to have the user present to click the mouse for them.



  • We're seeing this too.  Seems restricted to Windows XP SP3, but not all our systems.  We moved ~80 to KAV and roughly half of those have this issue.  Uninstalling KAV allows the mouse to work again.

    In Device Manager you'll see two HID Compliant mouse devices with an error.  One will say its PS/2 even though there are only USB mice connected to these systems.  If you try to update via Windows Update it says you have the latest version, and if you try to manually it says the hardware was not connected and can't install.

    I want to blame KAV's virtual keyboard (need to sort out how to disable it to test) but I don't know for sure.  Ticket created with Kaseya Support already but no dice so far.

    For all the reports of this issue with Kaspersky there sure seem to be no guaranteed fix for it.