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What does `Not Enabled` mean in the protection status

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I know what `not installed`, `out of date`, `Up to Date` all mean in the protection status graph for the KAV product.

But what does `Not Enabled` mean?  and how to I `Enable` it?  I have not found a consistant pattern with it, sometimes a reboot of the PC causing the `not enabled` to go away, sometimes not.  Sometimes pushing an KAV install to the PC again will clear it, but sometimes not.





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  • Hi Gerry.  I asked Support about this and was told "it generally means that protection has either it's been disabled (turned off via profile) or that something is preventing communication between the endpoint and KAV"

    Take a look at your profile settings and if you don't see anything out of place, open a ticket with customer service and we'll help you investigate.